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The starting point of stewardship is to recognize that God initiates stewardship. He gives us life and invites us into intimate partnership. This partnership begins with accepting Jesus Christ as Savior—experiencing the joy of Salvation. This then leads us to trust Him enough to accept Him as Lord or Owner of our lives. The natural result of this relationship will be our desire to care for the things He has given to us.

For most of us, when we think of stewardship, paying our tithe and offerings comes to mind.  But total stewardship includes much more.  Consider what Joe Reynolds, in the magazine Christian Stewardship says: “Stewardship is about more than money—it is a balance.  It is living life in a response to God’s love.  This not only includes our money, but our health, our talents, our service, our love and our worship”.

Over the next several months, through this website, I will endeavor to discuss the various aspects of stewardship as they relate to our total relationship with God.  It is my desire that your questions about stewardship will be answered to your satisfaction.  If there is a particular topic you would like addressed please feel free to contact me.

Ron Fuller, Stewardship Leader

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