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Even Worlds Must Obey!
by Lawrence Lewers

When we speak blessing upon those who are near
God's treasures abound for all who will hear.
His precepts are Holy, unwavering, and banish all fear.
Only trust and submit, so God in us should appear.

For when His breath speaks, even worlds must obey!
Consider words carefully, this breath dwells in us today
and carelessly speaking gives your power away.
Therefore pronounce blessings, and God will, without delay!

God's peaceful Holy Spirit be within us I pray
Lord be thou our potter and mold us as clay
'til every fiber of our being desires only your way!
For when You speak Lord, even worlds must obey!

And you deign to love us, who caused you to die?
Divine mystery, divine love, divine spirit from on high
Abiding safely and surely, still higher we will fly
ever onward! upward! shall be our battle cry.

We're a bridging intercession when we kneel down and pray.
Be still, be silent! listen! He'll tell you what to say
in every single moment of every single day.
For when our sovereign speaks, even worlds must obey.

Winter's Stream
by Doug Drake

Our Spottless Wedding Gown
by Lawrence Lewers

If we glorify God in all that we do
we'll show the world Jesus, so they'll want Him too!
Reflecting His character, not what we knew
we'll stand on Mount Zion, not in the zoo.

Before you start out, take time to pray
and give Father control of your entire day
so each spoken word is what Jesus would say
lest you become as a donkey, who knows only to bray.

Give Father you first thought, give Him your best
and all will be well, for you will be blessed.
Every single victory is preceded by a test
for just like the olive, we too must be pressed.

To get rid of the garbage that we each lug around
like going thru life with our eyes on the ground
moaning our sorrows, not the joy we have found.
So either speak well or don't make a sound.

Speaking unkindely surely brings others down
and you become the cause of their anger and frown.
Tell 'em about Jesus and the jewelled golden crown
for His perfect redemption is our spotless wedding gown.

Going to Seed
by Doug Drake